Student Support in Canvas


As you get courses ready for the spring term, I want to share with you exciting news about tools provided by the Online Education Initiative to support your students.

In Canvas you will see two links in your DE course menu, Quest for Success and NetTutor:

Quest for Success
Quest for Success is an online readiness self-paced program. Students, while they may be savvy smart-phone, tablet, and/or computer users, may not be prepared for the particular challenge of college level learning in the online environment. Colleges statewide are encouraged to include online learner readiness solutions prior to a student’s participation in an online course and at any appropriate point within an online course. The Quest link is in your Canvas course menu (on the left side of the window). Consider giving extra credit points to complete the program. [approx. 15 min.]

All of the tutorials are intended to improve the rates of success and retention in online courses. Tutorials 1-6 focus on skill development for new online students, while the remaining tutorials identify resources and strategies to assist the experience online student with timely course and degree completion. Along with the tutorials we have provided a set of interactive tools that are useful to students as they continue their academic pursuits.

Please consider sending this Welcome link to students before the term begins.
NetTutor provides online, on-demand services to meet with live online tutors, submit questions, and review essays. Cabrillo provides a mix of local and NetTutor resources for students. NetTutor is currently available for all online courses through the OEI. [instruction guide]

Getting Started with NetTutor

Step 1: Use these closed captioned videos for students to review before they use the NetTutor Whiteboard and the Paper Center. These very short NetTutor videos are a great way to see how it all works.

NetTutor Introduction Video to Tools:
NetTutor Modules Video:
NetTutor Paper Center Video:

Step 2: Fill out the form, Rules of Engagement for live tutoring and paper review. Return the form and attachments to

Paper Review
Live Tutoring

WorldWideWhiteboard is a product of NetTutor available for all courses in Canvas. It is a web based collaborative environment which operates through a web browser. If you’ve ever participated in a webinar, the whiteboard is where you can meet live with students, share a website or document, and draw on the screen. It’s great for online office hours! [instruction guide]

Proctorio is an online proctoring tool that appears inside the CMS. It facilitates identity verification, screen recording, behavior monitoring, and a number of other features to deter and document academic dishonesty. Suspicious incidents are flagged for review, providing faculty with helpful information and documentation about prohibited behaviors during online tests. Anomalies across test takers are also analyzed and identified by the software.

Since it is software based, students do not need to schedule exams or quizzes, but a webcam-with-microphone (USB mounted or built into the computer) may be required, depending on settings chosen by the instructor.

Instructions on how to use Protorio will be sent out in the next couple of weeks.

Please feel free to contact the TLC if you need assistance with these tools. (479-5030,

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to provide students these support services.


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